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FITTR: Fitness & Weight Loss APK is a free app listed in Health & Fitness Apps. It is very easy to install FITTR: Fitnes

Hey, I’m Addy. Two things about me: 1) I’m a software developer with FITTR, and 2) I’m kinda grumpy. Like ALWAYS. I guess you can call me FITTR’s Angry Developer. Or better yet, don’t call me anything. I get enough daily calls as it is.

FITTR has been a leader in the online fitness & nutrition space for 7 years now. We have transformed 300,000+ lives with nothing but the right nutrition & training plans and expert guidance from our 600+ coaches. Pretty cool, right?

WRONG! I’ve told our Founder so many times, “Dude, if you want to reach your goal of transforming 50 million lives, you have to sell fat burners and fad diets. You need to say whatever users want to hear and sell them false hopes!”

But he says, “No Addy, let’s keep it simple” and refuses to charge anything for the tools like Diet Planner, Calorie Counter, Training Tool, BMR Calculator, Macro Calculator, Water Reminder, and Body Fat Calculator. He says, “Free knowledge and a strong community are FITTR’s strengths.”

Bro, we have 3 million+ active users. Even if you would’ve charged them ₹10 per month, we’d be millionaires. But no, he wants to keep our services accessible to everyone and only asks you to pay to enrol with an expert FITTR Coach.

In fact, anyone can read the “Get Shredded” document in the app and make a diet and training plan for themselves at no cost! Can you believe it?! That document is supposed to be our secret sauce and he’s giving it away for free IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES! And to make it worse, he encourages our coaches to give advice and guidance to community members at no cost!

Honestly speaking, our coaches are good people. They’re all internationally certified and can help anyone achieve any fitness goal—fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain, body transformation, contest prep, or managing health issues & medical conditions. They can train clients in many languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, and even Russian! I too have enrolled with a FITTR Coach and am now the best version of myself, so I can’t really complain.

How FITTR Coaches work is, they take the time to understand you and your goals. Then they create a scientific, tailor-made fitness program for you. You get a personalised diet plan with regular homemade food (and even a quantified portion of your favourites, like pizza or sweets).

They also prepare a workout plan with either home or gym exercises, as you prefer. Their focus is to help you build the right habits & mindset for lifetime fitness. Everything fits your lifestyle. I’m a foodie & hate heavy exercise and still got fit, which is cool. Good work here, Mr Founder (I guess).

FITTR also has LIVE Online Personal Training packages for Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, Zumba, Martial Arts, Calisthenics and more. We even have an Injury Rehab package if you need live physiotherapist guidance.

The FITTR community is cool too. It currently has 3 million+ members who are non-judgmental and always happy to help with advice and motivation. Fitness & nutrition articles and lip-smacking healthy recipes are added in the community regularly. FITTR even hosts live knowledge sessions, as well as challenges that anyone can join to test their fitness levels and win exciting prizes.

Okay, looks like I got carried away with all the good stuff FITTR does. I guess it’s worth a shot if you’re serious about your health & fitness goals and want to get fit with “simple and sustainable” methods (whatever that means). And our Founder is really quite good at heart, but I guess he’s not good at business. He gives away so much for free… that’s not how the world works, bro!

And if you’re looking for fitness fads and scams, there are none in this app. You’ll be as disappointed as I am!

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